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Sunday, June 19, 2011


It is my first time i stil awake at this moment after this 2-3 months.

Definitely, i m the person who cant burn midnight oil. in the other word, i need to sleep preferably before 12pm.

Awake at this moment, it make me miss the moment i burn midnight oil with my roommate. We stayed til late for assignment, reports...

Miss the time together with my roommates and housemates. Had fun with them.
Miss the time:
-We gossip together in the room.
-We had steamboat together after first year second sem final exam
-We had shopping together after first year first sem final exam
-We had dinner together every day.
-We celebrated birthday together.

When can have chance to meet them? FK and OS convo??

Recently, i am emo.
When work, i foresee my holiday.
When in home looking back those photos, i miss my uni-mates and ex-house mates and roommates.
They are so wonderful.
Studying is much more better than working.
People surround will be angel.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

The week

Weather today is extremely hot.....Our earth is sick now!


Sometime i am struggle what should I talk and how should i talk.
In the internet world, anything we type or say it out, it will be harm to us.
So it always make me to think twice before i express my feeling in the space.

The power of media is out of my expectation.
I experienced it before.
For the incident about me, i dont know it but other people know.
However, i get to know when other people told me. Funny hia.. >.<

So think twice before posted anything included video if you dont wish people create your story based on your posting.

Hmmm.. back to topic.
I had an unpleasant and unfavorable week.
Another project was loaded my job list and problem occured between house owner and me.

They definetely stress me out.
and my tears were not being controlled at that moment.

Luckilly there is a room with less people or nobody, i can have my calm period.
While working, i sang song and sit silently with blank brain.
Yesh, my stress was away from me by doing those thing.
My mood was cheer up and able to talk to people surrounding me.

"Believer in yourself, combat stress and problem and win them.
You are the director and script writer of your life.
Everything is in your power."

Thanks for his word. So sweet and powerful. =)

Another quote that shocked and repeated it my mind.
" Say what people want to hear but not Say what you want to say."


Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Going to have my 3rd month.

It is the 3rd month i m there. In other word, i am going to get confirmation soon.

It is not a good thing tho as i need to treat my working performance seriously.

No matter how, let me to talk a bit about feeling toward this institute and the people there.

The task responsibilities are tough as i expect. Need many lucks and miracle to get the task done. Til now, i only have the 1 over 10 luck. I need more miracle indeed.

The people there treat me nicely. Appreciate what they done to me.

They teach me, guide me in my project. even help me in carry heavy fabric and chemical.

If there is no them, i dont know how long i can sustain in the tough job environment.

The task is going to become more and more load. It like i have 2 or 3 subjects assignments run simulteously. Can i handle it?

Music can make me have a good flow in writing and working. "Thinking:" is it influence the productivity? >.<

~ =p ~

Monday, May 2, 2011

First post in 2011

This is my first post in 2011... oooopsss.. it is May in month.

<3 the font type of blog.

Hope it can force me to have more post.. =)

Stay Tune. :p

Monday, December 6, 2010

Why i din reject people.

I found that why i dont like to reject people?

because after i reject people, i can feel guilty.

That is feeling today..

I feel guilty and unscure.

What will be the next i will get?